What does the Leader Application Process entail?

Our Leader application process is designed to feel supportive and effectively give both candidates and Tinkergarten the chance to know one another and decide whether or not the Leader role is a good fit for both.

Our current application process has four steps or stages as pictured below. If you are motivated, you can complete this process in two weeks!



We believe that diversity among our Tinkergarten team is a superpower and essential if we are to reach and support all learners. We encourage all candidates to apply, Black, Asian, Latinx and indigenous candidates, LGBTQIA2s+ candidates, candidates of all income levels, candidates of all faiths and cultures, and candidates with physical and learning differences. 

We are not yet able to support Leaders who live outside of the United States, but we’d love to hear from you and hope to soon. If you are here in the US from another country, you must legally be allowed to work in the United States in order to earn compensation as a Tinkergarten Leader.