How are Leaders compensated for their time?

Though intrinsically motivating, leading Tinkergarten requires time and care, and Leaders earn compensation for every live session they lead.

What does compensation look like?

The compensation per session varies depending on the number of children who enroll in a given class. See the current compensation ranges below for each of the live class formats:

At-Home (Online)—30-minute session

  • 4 enrolled families (minimum # families/class)—$30/session
  • 15 children (maximum # families/class)—$51/session

In-Person—60-minute session

  • 4 enrolled children (minimum  # kids/class)—$44/session
  • 15 enrolled children (maximum  # kids/class)—$100/session

What is a Leader's relationship with Tinkergarten?

Tinkergarten Leaders are independent contractors of Tinkergarten (not employees). Tinkergarten develops, tests and ever refines the curriculum, provides the technology platform and remains here to coach Leaders on best practices. Leaders are the educators who bring the live portion of the program to life in their community. Leaders always choose when they'd like to lead classes as well as how many classes they teach each season, which is largely why Leaders are contractors and not employees. 

Please note: Because Leaders are independent contractors, Tinkergarten does not collect taxes from Leader pay, therefore Leaders will need to claim income in excess of $400 with the IRS each year. Tinkergarten will provide the 1099 form for tax purposes to each Leader at the end of each year.