How are Leaders compensated?

Though there are many rewards for teaching Tinkergarten beyond monetary, including training, community and the joy of seeing children and families thrive outside, Leaders also earn monetary compensation for every live session they lead.

How does compensation work? 

Leaders are paid for every class they lead, and are paid incrementally for every enrollee in that class. Leaders can lead as many viable live classes as they wish during the 4 seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) of the year.

Compensation per session varies depending on the number of children who enroll in a given class. Here is the breakdown for our in-person format:

In-Person—60-minute session

  • 9 Sessions per season
  • At the maximum, 15 enrolled children/class), leaders earn $100/session, or $900
  • At the  minimum, 4 enrolled children/ (minimum  # kids/class, leaders earn  )—$44/session, or $396
  • Classes must have a minimum of 4 enrolled children.

At-Home (Online)—30-minute session

  • 9 Sessions per season
  • At the maximum, 15 enrolled families/class, leaders earn$51/session, or $459
  • At the minimum, 4 enrolled families/class, leaders earn $30/session, or $270
  • Classes must have a minimum of 7 enrolled families.

Leaders who lead consistently and impact a significant number of families over time qualify for our Evergreen Leader program, which includes a range of benefits, including an increased level of compensation. 

What other benefits do Tinkergarten Leaders receive?

Tinkergarten Leaders also receive extensive initial and ongoing training as well as curriculum and materials to support them in delivering the program, season after season. Leaders also have access to coaching, content and programs designed to help them reach new families and grow their class communities. While active, Leaders are also encouraged to participate in a teammate's class, and can enroll their first child at no cost. Perhaps the most rewarding part of Leading is being part of an incredibly passionate, supportive professional community of early outdoor educators—our Leader team! 

Learn more about the many benefits of being a Tinkergarten Leader here


What is a Leader's relationship with Tinkergarten?

Tinkergarten Leaders are independent contractors of Tinkergarten (not employees). Tinkergarten develops, tests, refines and provides the curriculum for every session of every season for the leader, and provides the technology platform that enables enrollment and management of each class. Tinkergarten staff also provide coaching to Leaders on best practices for delivering high quality learning experiences for families, as well as community development. Leaders are the educators who bring the live portion of the program to life in their community. Leaders always choose when they'd like to lead classes as well as how many classes they teach each season. 


Please note: Because Leaders are independent contractors, Tinkergarten does not collect taxes from Leader pay. Therefore, it is a Leader’s responsibility to claim income in excess of $400 with the IRS each year. Tinkergarten will provide the 1099 form for tax purposes to each Leader at the end of each year.