Where can Tinkergarten classes take place?

We strongly believe that kids and families can and should “Tinker Anywhere,” and you will hear this simple idea reflected in everything that we do. To us, nature can be found in any location that contains earth, sky, and other living things. 

It’s in that mindset that we joyfully support Leaders and families in joining together in a range of locations, including privately-owned locations such as the Leader’s own yard, other private yards, local community centers, school yards, places of worship, local garden or nature centers and more. Tinkergarten classes can also take place with proper permission in public parks at the municipal, county and state levels.  

We treasure the relationships that we and our team of Leaders have developed over nearly 30 seasons with the green spaces in which Tinkergarten takes place. As a Leader, you will not only connect with local families, but you will make connections with a special green space or spaces in your community.