How does Tinkergarten support Leaders?

Tinkergarten has built and continues to refine and provide a suite of supports to enable Tinkergarten Leaders to provide the highest quality live outdoor learning experiences to families.


  • Every Leader completed our beloved, high-impact New Leader Course which includes modules dedicated to early childhood development, adult development, play-based learning, community outreach and equity.
  • Each season, Leaders also receive refresher courses that include the latest in best practices and the background information Leaders need to bring the new season’s curriculum to life. 
  • Coaching and buddy support are also available to Leaders throughout their journey!


  • Each season, Leaders receive comprehensive lesson plans to make it easy to bring the program to life in the way that reflects your special talents and best supports your unique class community.
  • Tinkergarten also provides printed materials to support the lessons as well as a stipend to cover the cost of consumable materials utilized in the season lessons.
  • Tinkergarten develops, produces and distributes supplementary curriculum materials for families to use all week outside of the live classes. This includes pre-recorded class sessions to watch on demand, at-home activities for kids, insights for parents and caregivers, read alouds, songs and more. 
  • Tinkergarten also provides all written communication to families before, during and after each live session to ensure that they know how to access both the live sessions and make complete use of the Tinkergarten-provided resources.

Technology Platform

  • Tinkergarten’s platform allows families to find, enroll in and participate in Leader’s live sessions.
  • The platform also includes class management tools for Leaders which allow them to access curriculum, manage their schedule and communicate easily with enrolled families.
  • Leaders can also access thought leadership content, photos and other resources that make reaching out to families within their community simple and easy. 
  • Tinkergarten also provides families with My Tinkergarten—a dashboard of tools which allow families to:
    • Access at home curriculum and resources
    • Go back to the resources from any prior lesson or season
    • Build a portfolio of photos


Perhaps the most valuable resource we provide to our team is the Tinkergarten community. Leaders participate in a supportive, generous exchange of professional knowledge and joy—with brave spaces to tackle what can be challenging about teaching and savoring the joys that come with this kind of learning. 

We believe in the Power of Teamwork and Joyful Community, and we actively seek collaborative, supportive and open teammates to continue to cultivate this culture of authentic sharing.

Ongoing Support

Our remarkable Support Team is here to provide email-based support to make sure that both families who participate and Leaders get the help and answers they need to participate fully in the program.


We value the time that our talented Leaders devote to teaching, and Leaders are compensated for that time. Learn more here.