How can I support my child's experience in Tinkergarten class at home?

Here are a few tips to help you and your child get the most out of your Tinkergarten class experience:

Choose your location

  • You can attend your sessions anywhere inside or outside that has a reliable internet connection. 
  • Video meetings require a strong internet connection, so you may want to be close to your router to ensure a stable connection throughout class. 
  • To support your child’s engagement during the sessions, we recommend choosing a location where there is room for your child to freely move about and that you position your device so that your child can see and be seen while moving. 
  • If using a laptop or tablet, it may be helpful to prop it on a solid surface so that you can have a hands-free experience
  • You may also find that a location away from other household activities enables your child to engage and be free from distractions.

Have the week’s materials ready for class

  • Each week, children will be invited to bring a few materials for the play activity.
  • Each week, two days before your class, you will receive an email with a link to your My Tinkergarten page and a list of materials needed. You can also find this list when you log into on your "My Tinkergarten" page under "This Week's Lesson.

Join in!

  • Adults are welcome to participate alongside their children during sessions! Tinkergarten classes are designed to support kids and adults in playful learning together and your Leader will provide ideas that can inspire play for families after the session is over. 
  • If you do plan to step away during class, we recommend that you are available at the start of the session to ensure your child is all set up and that you practice using Zoom with your child beforehand. 
  • You may find that at times your child moves away from the screen during class. If that happens- don’t worry! Entering in and out of the screen may help young children get the most benefit out of online experiences. Welcome these movement breaks- we do! 
  • You may also find that offering a snack or an object to hold is supportive to your child. 

Continue the play after class!

  • After class, look to your My Tinkergarten page for ideas to continue the play at home all week long. 
  • We’ll let you know which simple materials are used for these play ideas.  
  • Each week's resources also include a link to a read-aloud of a featured book that supports the week’s play and links to articles and resources to help you support your child’s learning through play.