What is Tinkergarten's current response to COVID-19?

Community is at the heart of Tinkergarten, and we deeply care about the health and wellness of all of our families. We are in this together, and each of our actions matter as we collectively move through this difficult period and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the situation continues to evolve, we’re all increasingly urged by our officials to help protect those most vulnerable. The vast majority of U.S. municipalities are closing schools and parks, and social gatherings for longer stretches of time.

Given the current circumstances, it is no longer possible for Tinkergarten to run our spring season on our planned schedule.

We believe more than ever that the work we do to bring families outside to learn together is essential, and that families will need Tinkergarten as soon as we can be back outdoors together. We plan to give families the opportunity to experience our Creativity program this Summer, with classes that will begin in early July—and now, continue to respect the window in which social distancing is needed to protect our communities.

Impact on Winter Season Classes

  • The majority of our Winter classes ended by the middle of March.
  • For those classes with a remaining session, the final celebration scheduled for on or after April 20 will unfortunately be canceled. Families will be refunded for any missed sessions.

Spring Season Classes

  • All Spring classes will be automatically moved to dates in early July.
  • Families enrolled in Spring classes before the change were notified by email on Friday, March 27th of this change in season. 
  • By the second week of April, the Tinkergarten team will update the exact dates on which classes will start and will confirm new dates with all enrolled families by email.

Will the class be different?

The curriculum for the class will remain intact from the design for Spring. We will make any necessary adjustments for a warmer season, but the marvelous creativity lessons we designed will be just as fun and impactful for kids in Summer.

Tinkergarten At Home

During this postponement period, we will continue to offer you our free Tinkergarten at Home programming each week, including DIY activities, parenting insights, live Tinkergarten sessions and a vibrant community of families. We hope this helps you continue to feel connected and inspired to keep playful outdoor learning a part of your family’s routine during this challenging time.

Thank you

Thank you for being part of our Tinkergarten community and for working with us as we all respond to this crisis. Please take care and stay safe in the coming weeks. It is an honor and a pleasure to help provide families with chances to learn and connect through outdoor play. We can’t wait to get out there again with your family this summer!