What is Tinkergarten's current response to COVID-19?

There is nothing we feel more strongly about than getting families together outdoors again for Tinkergarten class, and we are working hard to make that happen in your community as soon as it is feasible and safe. The good news is we have a plan!

Guidance and safety requirements are in flux and vary at the state, local and park levels. And, the process of reopening is progressing at different speeds in different parts of the country. So, we too will evolve our approach to begin to open Tinkergarten classes on a rolling basis on or after August 1st, and we will do so based on each community’s readiness and the requirements of each class location.

What Does This Mean in Practice?

  • Tinkergarten’s Creativity season will begin on or after August 1st.
  • We are monitoring the situation in your community, and we will notify you with the exact day on which your class will start one month in advance of your start date.
  • Our first review checkpoint will be July 1st for those classes slated to start in the first week of August.
  • If your community is not yet ready for us at that checkpoint, we’ll alert you and will continue to check on your behalf until your community is ready, making sure to notify you one month in advance of your start date.
  • We see that many communities will be ready in August, but note that this rolling class schedule may extend into the fall, depending on the requirements in your community.
  • We have decided to cancel all free trials and will provide alternate ways for new families to get to know what a Tinkergarten class is all about.
  • We will not be offering make-up classes with other leaders during this season. We will resume our normal policy when conditions allow.

Safety Protocols

We have redesigned the class experience so that each family unit can maintain safe social distance while still enjoying the magic of Tinkergarten. We will also ask all participants to self-assess for signs of sickness prior to each session and to remain home if there is any risk that they might be sick. More specifics about these and additional safety protocols and procedures based upon CDC and local guidance will be shared with you by mid-June. We are confident that, once locations are ready for us, our careful approach and our outdoor setting will make it possible for Leaders and families to learn together in a way that feels joyful and safe for all. Read more about our protocols here.

Tinkergarten At Home...and Camp Tinkergarten

As you wait for your class to begin, we hope you’ll take advantage of our free Tinkergarten at Home programming each week, including DIY activities, parenting insights, videos, and a vibrant community of families. As part of this program, this summer we’re going to launch Camp Tinkergarten—8 weeks of wildly fun activities and resources for you, all designed to make it easy to fill summer with joyful, purposeful play. An official announcement will be coming soon.

Thank You

Thank you for being part of our Tinkergarten community and for your resilience and understanding as we all respond to this crisis. Please take care and stay safe in the coming weeks. It is an honor and a pleasure to provide families with chances to learn and connect through purposeful outdoor play. We can’t wait to get out there again with your family—very soon!