What training is required to become a fully certified Tinkergarten Leader?

Every person who is accepted as a Tinkergarten Leader is welcomed into and required to complete the Tinkergarten New Leader Course.

The course covers a range of topics including the benefits of nature and play on children, child development, adult development, supporting adult learners, supporting child learning through play, entrepreneurship, marketing and more. The course is also designed to give each new Leader the tools and frameworks they need to deliver the Tinkergarten curriculum in a way that best leverages their talents and that supports the unique strengths and needs of their class communities.

The online course is taken over the course of five weeks and is comprised of the following components: 

  • Reading and watching videos (approximately 10 hours total).
  • Participation in four live, online discussion groups (1.5 hours each).
  • Active participation in 1 practical training session (2 hours)

Once training is complete, Leaders never stop learning. There is a wide range of support and learning opportunities available to all active Leaders, including but not limited to:

  • Participation in the online Leader discussion forum (a treasure trove of collaborative idea sharing)
  • Participation in a regional Leaders-only Facebook Group
  • Seasonal curriculum courses which also include information about the latest research
  • Monthly office hours with the Founder and central office teammates
  • Regular chances to learn about topics important to Leader learning facilitated by Mentor Leaders (coaches)
  • 7-day per week, responsive support from our amazing Family/Leader Support Team

Click here, if you are interested in applying to become a Tinkergarten Leader, and apply today! 

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