Will classes still run if it rains? What about other more severe weather conditions?

There is a lot to learn and much fun to be had in the rain, so most classes still run if it rains. This same "game on!" policy holds true if the weather is hot, cold, snowy, or windy. With the right clothing, kids will typically have a great experience learning outside.

There are, however, certain conditions that we deem not conducive to safe, productive learning. If it's dangerously hot or cold, or if there is a threat of lightning, leaders are trained to postpone the class.

In such cases, on the day prior to each class, the leader will text or email parents with announcements about weather, any changes to class, and suggestions for clothing. 

Visit our Weather Watch page if you would like some general guidelines around what weather may be considered either too hot or too cold for safe and fun learning.

If your Tinkergarten Leader must reschedule class due to dangerous weather, they will schedule a make up session and communicate that date to everyone who is enrolled in the class.