Why does Tinkergarten encourage the use of photos?

Photos teach. With photos, parents can visualize how a certain activity unfolds. We use photos taken in Tinkergarten classes on activity pages of our website to teach others.

Documenting and sharing photos helps to improve learning, a trusted method of early childhood education made popular through such approaches as Reggio Emelia. For the "teacher" (in our case, that's both leaders and parents themselves), documenting kids in an activity helps us to: take notice of our actions as guides; recall how kids respond; reflect upon a child's learning; and think about how to improve the child's experience the next time. Without photos, moments are forgotten.

Sharing photos with another parent, caregiver, or the child allow for learning to continue. Families can keep talking about an experience, or better yet revisit it to extend the learning after a class. You always have an account of your experiences.