What do Tinkergarten classes teach?

Tinkergarten lessons are engineered to help kids develop a range of essential physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills. These skills support kids in being ready to learn, ready to thrive, and ready for anything. We make learning irresistible by designing each experience to inspire wonder, activate the senses, leverage brain science, draw on wisdom of the ages, and unleash the talents of our passionate network of educators, parents and caregivers.

Each season we focus on one of our 8 core skills in depth. Over time, season after season, children build these skills—the skills they'll use to thrive in our dynamic world—and a love of learning in the natural world.



At a Tinkergarten class, children drive their own play and, in turn, their own learning. Trained Teachers provide an enriching play environment and, together with the adults who join the children, support the children's learning experience.

Read more about our approach and the essential skills we target on our How it Works page. Or try a complimentary class and see for yourself!