What are Tinkergarten classes like?

The Tinkergarten program combines a live session facilitated by a certified (and amazing) Tinkergarten Leader with an at-home curriculum that parents and caregivers can use to keep kids playing and learning outdoors all week long.

Both live sessions and at home curriculum are designed to engage children in play-based activities that foster a sense of joy and wonder, all while developing essential skills.


Live group classes:

Whether at home (digital) or in person, each live group session follows an intentional structure that includes community building, songs, movement, learning about nature, guided play time, and a closing community share time. During guided play time, Leaders introduce a lesson of the week to inspire kids to play and develop a particular aspect of the target skill of the season. 


Tools and At-Home Curriculum:

Enrolled families also have access to My Tinkergarten—a tool set to help families access our curriculum, play, document and track children’s progress and turn any space into an inspiring outdoor learning environment for kids.

Throughout their week, families take photos of their kids “hard at play” to capture the moments when discoveries are made, new ideas are born, and skills are bolstered. As families play, they can opt to share their experiences with others in their local communities and within our Outdoors All 4 community, exchanging ideas and building everyone’s knowledge. And along the way, in their portfolio, families build a priceless history of their child’s early learning experiences.


Tinkergarten Anywhere: Enjoy the same Tinkergarten curriculum delivered via weekly on-demand video lessons and all of the  DIY activities, insights for grown-ups and more that you can do anytime, anywhere.


See How the Program Works:

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Tinkergarten Lessons:

Every Tinkergarten lesson is designed to inspire open-ended exploration and play through which kids actively engage in imagining, exploring, and/or problem solving.

While each lesson is designed by Tinkergarten and guided by a trained Leader, the children decide how to play in response to the lesson's play scenario, and the children's interests play the leading role in shaping the way play unfolds. 

To kids, it's pure and joyful fun.