How are my photos used?

First, photos taken in your Tinkergarten class can be shared with us via email at From there, your photos are shared privately with the leader of the group and may be selected and shared back with the parents and caregivers of your group in your "post class email". You can also see these selected photos when you are logged in by going to the gallery page in My Tinkergarten. Tinkergarten does not share your photos publicly. If a certain photo is exemplary of a certain activity, Tinkergarten may select that photo to become part of the web page that documents that activity. Children's names or locations are never associated with photos when shared this way. 

From time to time, Tinkergarten may want to use a photograph taken in class to promote the idea of learning on our website or in other materials/media. To do so, the parent of the child in the photo will be contacted to first give permission.

Parents often choose to share pictures of their kids at play with Tinkergarten across social media, as they do with many other kids activities. Those choices are up to the individual parent.