How do I upgrade or downgrade my current subscription?

To upgrade to Tinkergarten Pro from a Plus subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your My Tinkergarten dashboard
  2. Select “Upgrade Now” on your home screen. 

You’ll start accessing Tinkergarten Pro content and features immediately. The system will automatically prorate the cost of the upgrade for your current month/year, and your next payment will reflect the Pro subscription rate. 

To downgrade to our Plus subscription, please send a request by email to We will adjust your subscription accordingly within 1 business day. 

Once updated, you will lose access to the additional features of our Pro plan, and your next payment will reflect the updated Plus subscription rate, not at the time of downgrade. You can upgrade within your dashboard at any time. 

See this FAQ for more information on what is included with each subscription option.