Is Tinkergarten part of the HIghlights for Children?

Yes! In April, 2023, Tinkergarten became part of Highlights for Children, Inc.

When we look forward to the decades to come, we know we must continue to deliver this kind of transformative learning experience for all kids and families in a way that can reach the maximum number of families. To that end, we’re thrilled to share two exciting developments.

Tinkergarten Has Been Acquired By Highlights for Children

In April, 2023, Tinkergarten became part of the Highlights for Children family, joining on with an organization that for more than 75 years has taught and delighted so many of us, our parents and our own children. You can read more about the acquisition, mission alignment, shared ambition, and common commitment to quality learning experiences for kids.

Across 4 generations, Highlights has remained steadfast in its mission and commitment to children as the world’s most important people, supporting parents, teachers and kids with purposeful fun designed to help kids become creative, caring, curious and confident people. This sort of long term commitment is rare in business, and especially in education with all of its complexity and inherent challenges.

That’s why this shift is so unique. This is an incredible chance for Tinkergarten to continue to make a lasting, meaningful impact for generations to come. As a team, we’re both honored and fully energized to become part of this wonderful organization and grab this next rung of the ladder toward providing a better foundation for kids, no matter what the world may bring them.

Press Release

Click here to read the full press release from April 3.