How do I sign up for Tinkergarten Home?

Tinkergarten Home is a subscription service designed to support families in following the Tinkergarten curriculum from anywhere, anytime. Click here to subscribe now!

You can elect to be billed on a monthly basis ($9 per month) or one year at a time ($99 per year—one free month in savings!). For a limited time, you can sign up for $5 month/$55 yearly! 

Our series curricula are designed to support kids in developing 8 critical skills, and each series highlights one as the “focus skill” through a 10-week learning plan.

Subscribers gain access to a new video lesson each week, including DIY activities, recommended stories and other resources to keep learning going at home. Families also get photo scrapbooking tools and content for grown ups to help make supporting kids' playful learning easier and more fun for you.

In addition, your family will automatically receive a Tinkergarten iron-on badge for each series you complete, so kids can build their collection.

As long as you are subscribed, Tinkergarten will deliver four, 10-week series and new accompanying resources per year.