What teaching materials do I need to teach Tinkergarten, and what’s included in my subscription?

To get started with teaching Tinkergarten, teachers gather a set of core materials to use season after season, including things like buckets to collect treasures, a solution for carrying water and a tarp for days when the ground gets wet. Take a peek at a list of recommended Core TG Materials (Full page | Mobile version) for a list of such items. You can also visit our Amazon idea list to see or order recommended core materials. 

In each curriculum series, we also produce printable teaching materials to support learning by children and adults who participate in Tinkergarten with you. As a subscriber, you automatically get access to the digital versions of all printable materials included in the curriculum each series. You’ll also have the option to purchase a pack of printable materials delivered to your doorstep for each series. 

In addition, there are a combination of household, natural and sourced materials we recommend using in the lessons. Lesson plans include lists and tips to help you easily source these other everyday objects recommended for use in the program.

Finally, the community and resources are full of tips for how to source high quality materials in ways that are low cost to teachers and the planet!