What is included in my subscription?

Please see the chart below for a breakdown of what each subscription level includes. 

As long as you subscribe to Tinkergarten Plus or Pro, you automatically get the following for each seasonal series, with 4 series per year:

  • Curriculum—Lesson plans for 10 lessons/series (40 per year!)
    • Lesson plans come in two formats: 
      • A caregiver/child class (Plus & Pro)
      • A group of children in a classroom setting (Pro)
    • Digital versions of all printable materials included in the Tinkergarten curriculum with the option to purchase a pack of printable materials delivered to your doorstep. (Plus & Pro)
      • Seasonal printed materials mailed to your door. (Pro)
      • Seasonal iron-on skill badge to celebrate progress (Plus & Pro)
    • Shopping lists and tips to help you easily source other everyday objects recommended for use in the program. (Plus & Pro)
  • Guidance—Guidance and resources to make it easy to set up local Tinkergarten classes and programs or implement Tinkergarten within a school or care center, including an easy-to-follow “Getting Started” checklist. (Plus & Pro)
  • Training—Videos and resources on all aspects of program delivery, including outreach, curriculum implementation, how to support all learners and the child development theory/learning science that provides the support for our methodology. (Plus & Pro)
  • Promotion—Listing in our Find a Local Teacher directory on, marketing resources + Tinkergarten-run programs to help families find you. (Pro)
  • Community—Membership in our Teacher discussion forum and private Facebook group. (Plus & Pro)
  • Ongoing Support—Email-based support from our Tinkergarten team and peer-to-peer support. (Plus & Pro)


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