Who can sign up for Tinkergarten for Teachers?

Who can sign up for Tinkergarten For Teachers? 

Anyone who wants to teach the Tinkergarten program and share the transformative power of outdoor play with families in their community and/or with students in a learning setting like a classroom, forest school, homeschool coop, day care, etc. 

Whether or not you have experience teaching in formal learning settings, if you have a passion for nature, feel play in your bones and want to help all children and the grown ups who love them thrive…you can be a wonderful Tinkergarten teacher! 

Our community values our shared commitment to serving all families so deeply that we do ask all Tinkergarten Teachers to review, accept and uphold our TG Teacher Agreements in order to participate.


Do I have to be a school teacher to subscribe? 

No, you don’t! Although we have many people who teach professionally in school  settings in our community, Tinkergarten For Teachers is designed for anyone who wants to share the power of playful learning outdoors with children! 

We have designed different subscription offerings to help you choose the best way for you to teach Tinkergarten. and help teachers to reach their goals:

  • Tinkergarten Plus is designed to support teachers who want to implement Tinkergarten in the work that they do with children in a school or learning center or as part of their homeschooling.
  • Tinkergarten Pro is designed to support teachers who want to start, run and grow their own Tinkergarten programs in their communities. It includes everything that Plus includes, plus a whole lot more.