How can I host a private class?

How to Host a Private Class:

All you need is a private outdoor space, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll match you with a local Tinkergarten Leader who will guide your group through nine sessions on the days and times that you choose. Prices for groups are below: 

Base Fee (Includes up to 5 kids): $999

Fee Per Child Beyond 5 (Max of 15 Kids): $172


  • Private classes can be scheduled for the day(s)/time(s) that work for you and your Tinkergarten Leader.
  • Classes will follow the Treasure Hunt fall curriculum designed to strengthen kids' focus skills.
  • Classes can begin as early as September 27th and must be completed by the week of November 29th. Classes can be held once or twice a week depending on what’s best for you!

*If you plan to host a class, please note that you will be expected to identify a private location (e.g., a backyard) for class. 

I’m interested! Now what?

Contact us and we will match you up if there’s an available Leader in your area: Please share your location; number of kids that you’d like to host; and the days/times you could host and we will match you up.