Our Approach to COVID-19 Safety in In-Person Programs


We follow a standard approach to safety that applies to all instances of in-person Tinkergarten. This approach has been informed by CDC recommendations within the CDC Guidance for Operating K-12 Schools and Guidance for Operating Early Care and Education/Child Care Programs—specifically those portions which pertain to outdoor activities.

We are thrilled to have successfully utilized this approach since Summer 2021, and we remain confident that the outdoors is the safest place to learn and come together—something we all need to do so badly.

Our approach to safety as it relates to the class experience will be updated regularly here, and communicated via weekly email and linked in every enrolled family's My Tinkergarten dashboard.

How It Works


Before class, all participants use our Pre-Tinkergarten Health Checklist that includes a check for symptoms of COVID to self assess. 


During class, guided by the Leader, all participants follow an In-Class Safety Checklist with 6 simple strategies that enable us to play safely together!

Our Full Approach 

Below are various components of our Tinkergarten approach explained by topic:

  • Setting
  • Vaccination
  • Pre-Class Health Screening
  • Masks
  • Physical Distancing & Cohorts
  • Hygiene
  • Physical Materials
  • Communication of Confirmed Cases


"Engage in outdoor activities whenever possible."—CDC

All Tinkergarten in-person programs take place in outdoor settings.


Tinkergarten strongly encourages vaccination (including booster shots) as recommended by the CDC for everyone who is eligible. 

Tinkergarten does not track or require vaccination from class participants or Leaders. 

Families have the right to ask whether or not Leaders are vaccinated. The Leader also has the right to disclose or not. 

Pre-Class Health Screening

Each week, Leaders and enrolled families are prompted by email to use Pre-Tinkergarten Health Checklist that includes a check for symptoms of COVID. See a copy of the Checklist here.

If anyone in your family who is attending Tinkergarten answers “yes” to the questions on the Health Checklist, they must stay home. Families can use the pre-recorded lesson that we provide each week via My Tinkergarten dashboard in lieu of in-person instruction.

If someone develops symptoms or becomes sick during class they will be asked to leave the class and advised to seek appropriate medical care.


Masks are not required by Tinkergarten, unless they are required by the the municipality or organization that oversees the location in which Tinkergarten is being held. If such a requirement is in place, we will inform participants by email and in their My Tinkergarten dashboard. And, we will expect that masks are worn according to that mask policy.

Tinkergarten Leaders may require the wearing of masks, at their discretion. Leaders can not adjust the mask requirement to be less restrictive than the local regulations stipulate.

If masks are required for a given class, specific mask requirement information will be automatically included in the weekly pre-class email message and in each family's My Tinkergarten dashboard.

Physical Distancing 


  • All children enrolled in the same Tinkergarten class are considered a cohort.
  • Adults who accompany child(ren) should be within the same household or pod as that child (e.g. either parent, nanny) as the child(ren).


  • We design our classroom spaces and activities so that we limit participants' sustained close contact with people outside of their family/pod. Our activities and spaces support children in playing together and developing strong social bonds while also having the chance to maintain 3 feet of distance.
  • We will structure activities and spaces so that adults, including the Leader, can maintain appropriate distance from people not in their household as well. 


  • Tinkergarten Tea Time

    • During our Winter 2023 season, we will enjoy Tinkergarten Tea time during class.

    • Caregivers bring their own mugs to class for children to use.
      Leaders will provide tea.

    • Children will drink tea while sitting in their "nests"—our name for the distanced spots that a Leader designates for each family or pod.

  • Any additional eating or drinking should be only done if necessary and 10 feet from anyone outside or participants' household or pod.


When temperatures are above 50-60 degrees, Leaders provide a soap + water mixture for participants to wash hands as they arrive. 

In all weather, we also reinforce safe cough and sneezing protocols.

Physical Materials

Many outdoor surfaces do not need cleaning, per the CDC.

Leaders generally disseminate special materials to each child or pod to minimize the sharing of materials in class.

Communication of Confirmed Positive Cases

Exposure Before Class: If you or one of the people who join you in class test positive or are exposed to someone who is positive, follow the current CDC Guidelines for isolation or quarantine. While in isolation or quarantine, stay home from Tinkergarten and utilize the pre-recorded class content in your My Tinkergarten dashboard.

Testing Positive After Class: If you or someone in your household who attended your Tinkergarten class test positive for COVID-19 after participating in a session, reach out to us at

This page and all pages related to our approach will be updated as guidance evolves. This page was last updated on January 2, 2023.

If you have any questions about our approach to in-person classes, please let us know at