What age groups does Tinkergarten serve?

Our current programs are designed for children ages 2 to 8, and our mixed-age formats support all learners, from the youngest to oldest. Our open-ended learning tasks and universal design curriculum and approach to supporting children allows each child to find the right challenge level. in each lesson and enables kids to learn from their classmates, both those the same age and those of different ages. Read more about the powerful benefits of mixed age learning on our blog.

Leaders also take time to get to know each child and adapt our approach to best fit the child's interests, strengths and needs. 

In-Person Age Group:

For Summer and Fall, 2021, all of our in-person classes are designed for children ages 18 months to 8 years old. 

At-Home (Digital) Age Groups:

To make sure that the digitally delivered live sessions are as engaging as possible, we tailor our At-Home program towards two different age groups: 2 to 5 and 5 to 8. 

What makes an age 2 to 5 live class distinct?

  • Verbal and non verbal instruction are delivered at a gradual pace and supported with repetition. 
  • Kids share ideas and questions using both verbal and non verbal communication with a supportive structure that limits the challenges of muting/unmuting.
  • Nature content we share is accessible and assumes no prior knowledge. 
  • Play activities are open-ended, supporting a wide range of physical skills.

What makes an age 5 to 8 live class distinct?

  • The class pace moves more quickly, with time to slow down on kids' interests.
  • Kids share ideas and questions using both verbal and non verbal communication.
  • Nature content we share includes both accessible and mind-blowing facts. There are always new questions to research between classes.
  • Play activities are open-ended, supporting a wide range of interests, and kids know that they drive their own learning process.

Which At-Home class should I take if I have kids in both age ranges?

Tinkergarten, by design, is a multi-age program flexible enough to support kids of all ages. So, please feel free to bring younger students to an older age range class, especially if they will have the support and modeling of an older sibling! Likewise, Leaders can support older children within a younger class, offering them the chance to play the role of teacher and leader-helper.

Can we try it first?

Yes! If you have not tried Tinkergarten in this current format, you can also check out a trial class in the age range you'd prefer to experience it first hand. Find and join an upcoming free trial session here