How does the "Refer a Friend" program work?

If a friend refers you to Tinkergarten, they may send you a code for $15 off. This code is honored the first time you register for a Tinkergarten season. The code only works once and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Once you register for a Tinkergarten class, you'll have the opportunity to invite friends, too! Tell a friend to use your personal code when they enroll in any full season of Tinkergarten. They'll get $15 off the class price, and you will receive a $15 refund on the current season’s order, with the maximum refund value equal to your original purchase price that season.

To find your unique referral code, please visit while logged into your Tinkergarten account.

Please note that this referral program is intended for people you know: friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, etc. in your personal network. Codes posted to online coupons sites will not be honored.